Know Your Business (KYB) Solutions

We stand among the top-tier AML companies, entirely dedicated to offering AML solutions for banks and businesses. Our commitment extends to partnering with AML companies and providers to establish a robust line of defence against financial crimes.

Discover the Power of AML Tools and Software

In the ever-changing landscape of financial services, staying compliant and safeguarding against financial crimes is crucial. That's where AML tools and software come into play, providing banks and financial institutions with the means to effectively detect and prevent money laundering activities. Our AML API and software offer seamless integration, enabling banks to enhance their anti-money laundering efforts. As leading AML service providers, we equip businesses with the tools they need to ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risks, and maintain the integrity of their operations.

Improve risk management and streamline corporate document validation with KYB services.

Strengthen your due diligence endeavours using our advanced KYB solutions crafted to suit the needs of Switzerland's businesses. Efficiently verify crucial corporate documents, including banking records, registration details, tax submissions, and data sourced from credit bureaus. Stay proactive in your compliance journey by embracing our robust solutions that ensure unparalleled accuracy and efficiency when validating corporate documentation.

Revolutionising Business Identity Verification with KYB Solutions

Using cutting-edge technology, AML Switzerland introduces a comprehensive suite of AML solutions tailored to the banking sector. Our AML solutions for banks are designed to streamline anti-money laundering processes, ensuring compliance and security. Leveraging powerful AML APIs and sophisticated software, financial institutions can now bolster their efforts in combating financial crimes. As one of the premier AML solution providers, we recognise the significance of robust KYB procedures.

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Discover dependable and secure AML solutions that streamline identity verification, deliver user-friendly experiences, and bolster anti-fraud measures.

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